Weekly News Article Highlights

This feature provides weekly curation of interesting and important criminal justice/prosecutorial developments around the country.

Pennington County Sheriff’s Office releases 2019 Annual Report: https://www.newscenter1.tv/pennington-county-sheriffs-office-releases-2019-annual-report/

Among other things, there has been a decrease in pharmaceutical-related arrests. The County has also introduced several new programs including the MacArthur Safety and Justice Challenge, of which APA is also a part.

Jail Overcrowding, Rehabilitation, Jobs – An Overview Of Criminal Justice Reform Bills: https://www.wvpublic.org/post/jail-overcrowding-rehabilitation-jobs-overview-criminal-justice-reform-bills#stream/0

The Legislature Today provides some updates on the West Virginia legislative session, including discussion on proposed criminal justice reform bills.

Texas Prosecutor Races Offer Competing Visions for Criminal Justice Reform: https://www.texasobserver.org/kim-ogg-texas-vote-primary-2020/

This article highlights the post-Super Tuesday primary results in the race between Kim Ogg, incumbent DA, and challenger Audia Jones. Both women had somewhat diametrically opposed campaigns, in which Jones pushed a more progressive, transformative approach in the face of Ogg’s more tempered, cautious position. Also noted, Travis County’s Margaret Moore faces a runoff.

Opinion: Criminal justice data transparency makes communities safer: https://azcapitoltimes.com/news/2020/02/28/criminal-justice-data-transparency-makes-communities-safer/

In this op-ed, former prosecutor and judge Mary Helen Maynard discusses how data transparency can potentially improve public trust in the criminal justice system.

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