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    As a strategic ally in the MacArthur Foundation’s Safety and Justice Challenge, the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys is hosting its 8th Prosecutorial Leadership Institute in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

    The focus of this Leadership Institute will be on the prosecutor’s role in working with data and technology to advance Challenge goals. This peer-to-peer exchange will focus on data collection and integration, general informatics technology and real crime centers, as well as community engagement. Participants will be asked to exchange information and will obtain feedback on strategic approaches they have used in their respective jurisdictions to collect, integrate and analyze data and implement technological advances in their communities and various criminal justice reform initiatives.

    As this meeting is taking place in Baton Rouge, we are excited to have multiple stakeholders from their jurisdiction attend and present. We will also have other sites, including Chicago, Milwaukee and Asheville present on their efforts. All attendees are required to register so that we will have your updated contact information and materials ready for you upon arrival.

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