Prosecution. Innovation. Collaboration.

Prosecution: To prosecute has the connotation of instituting legal proceedings against a person or organization. However, to prosecute also means to see something through to its end . Whether through legal proceedings against those who would harm a child or seeing a participant successfully complete a diversion program, we are committed to the pursuit of justice in whatever form to the end that best serves the community.

Innovation: Ultimately our goal is to affect change. This is the purpose that motivates us to not only influence actions in the courtroom but legislatively as well. We have introduced and provided the forum for the discussion of innovative prosecutorial practices both in and out of the courtroom. We have supported and helped to author numerous progressive bills that have and will continue to shape the path of the criminal justice system. We have spoken out in defense of justice. We have committed ourselves to the goal of supporting prosecutors as they work to create safer communities and ensure justice.

Collaboration: We look at the big picture: As former and current prosecutors, we view ourselves as ministers of justice. Our perspective is that while at times it is necessary to prosecute an offender, it is also just as important to create alternative programs that focus on preventing recidivism, providing rehabilitation and successful re-entry. The larger picture in creating a safer community is recognizing the need and providing the correct solution. To assist in that goal we find it a vital process to collaborate not only with prosecutors, but also judges, professors, field experts and defense attorneys. Through multi-disciplinary forums we are create the optimal environment to foster justice and affect true change in the community as a whole.


Training: We provide advanced training and technical assistance to prosecutors and other allied criminal justice professionals. We are committed to providing the skills and knowledge necessary to create an effective and efficient criminal justice system.

Webinars: We provide regular webinars to broadcast the most current and relevant information on prosecutorial tools and practices. These are facilitated by a wide range of experts from various fields including judges, doctors, professors, U.S. attorneys as well as former and current prosecutors.



Conferences: We provide a global forum for prosecutors to engage in peer-to-peer exchanges, as well as education on effective and evidence-based prosecutorial practices.

Resources: Our publications and other resources provide prosecutors with guidelines and model practices on an array of topics in the criminal justice system.



Our programs span a wide range of disciplines that address a multitude of concerns in our criminal justice system. We also participate in the creation and advancement of vital legislative and public policy initiatives. Our goal is to support prosecutors in creating safer communities. Whether that means prosecuting an offender or helping someone enter a rehabilitation program. We are committed to justice for all. Our programs include:

Animal Abuse Prosecution | Child Abuse Prosecution |Gun Violence Reduction | High Performance Prosecution | Juvenile Justice | Major County Prosecution Council | Peace Officer Use of Force | Prosecutor-Led Diversion | Safety & Justice | Smart Prosecution | Violence Against Women Reduction | Victims’ Rights

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